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Questions for Customers of Presage Designs

ePerfect is pleased to welcome the customer base of Presage Designs to its service. Below you will find answers to questions you are likely to have. Please feel free to contact us with any remaining questions.
Why did Presage Designs choose ePerfect?
When deciding on a new home for their customers, Presage Designs conducted a detailed interview process, and concluded ePerfect was best positioned to provide a smooth transition and an ongoing high level of service to its customers.
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When will my account be transferred to your server?
Account transfers will begin on November 1, 2004, and should be complete by the end of November. If you have a preference as to when your account is transferred, please get in touch and we will do our best to accomodate your wishes.
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What will the account transfer process involve?
There are two aspects to the transfer. First, your hosting account will be moved from its existing server to one of ePerfect's servers. See the next question for more details on this. Second, we may need you to update your billing information with us, though your billing dates and amount will not change.
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Will I experience any downtime when my account is transferred?
Your hosting account will be transferred to one of our servers with no downtime, loss of data, or inconvenience to you. Your entire account will be moved, including e-mail and databases. We move hundreds of accounts per year between servers, and have a completely reliable procedure. The move will take only a few minutes, and will be done late at night. After it is complete, we will test your site to make sure it is running properly on our server, then you will be contacted to request that you test it as well. It is not likely that you will find any problems, but if you do, these will be fixed promptly.
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What should I set my nameservers to after my account is transferred?
After your account is transferred, we will contact you with a request to change the nameservers on your domains. For most customers, your new nameservers will be:


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Will my account work differently on your server?
We use the same Control Panel (cPanel) and the same version of Linux (RedHat Enterprise Edition) as Presage Designs, so you should notice no differences after the transfer. Your passwords will also be unchanged.
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What features will I gain or lose after the transfer?
You will gain server-based virus scanning of all incoming and outgoing e-mail, and nightly off-server backups. We have made an effort to ensure that you do not lose any features, so if you feel something is missing, please contact us.
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How will my new server compare to my old one?
They are similar in many respects; the main difference being the CPU. Your server at Presage Designs has a hyperthreaded Pentium IV, which is functionally equivalent to 2 CPU's. Your server at ePerfect has dual hyperthreaded Xeon processors, which is functionally equivalent to 4 CPU's. So your new server has roughly twice the processing power of your old one.
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How does your data center compare to the one Presage Designs uses?
ePerfect uses the same data center as Presage Designs, so you will continue to enjoy the same level of network speed and reliability that you are accustomed to.
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Will my hosting plan or price be different with ePerfect?
Your account(s) will remain on the same hosting plan, at the same price. If you prefer to switch to an ePerfect hosting plan, you are welcome to do so.
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How do I get in touch if there are problems?
We will aim to be in touch with you proactively while your account is being moved or when any issue arises that will affect you. You are also welcome to contact us whenever you have questions or need assistance with anything.
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