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ePerfect Improves Spam and Virus Filtering

17 January 2006

ePerfect, a Texas-based provider of high-quality, affordable web hosting services, is now protecting all client e-mail accounts with an enhanced spam and virus filtering system.

All incoming e-mail now receives a comprehensive spam and virus check. Viruses are automatically removed, and each e-mail message receives additional header information to indicate which spam checks it has failed, as well as a numeric score indicating the likelihood that it is spam. E-mail identified as spam also has its subject modified so that users can easily filter out spam, either at the server or with their PC-based e-mail software.

Users now have a high level of control over how their e-mail is handled. They can enable or disable spam and virus filtering. They can choose to discard or deliver virus-carrying messages after the virus is removed. They can whitelist or blacklist certain senders. They can delete, forward, or deliver e-mail identified as spam, and specify how aggressive they want the system to be in identifying spam.

As e-mail abuse continues to rise, customers have increasingly requested a comprehensive and flexible system for dealing with spam and viruses. ePerfect is now pleased to offer such a system to all its customers at no extra charge.

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